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Many models and actors don’t know where to start when it comes to printing Comp Cards (Zed Cards) or Headshot Cards. We are here to help! We handle the printing of Comp Cards and Headshot Cards for a local modeling agency, as well as for self-represented or new talent.

A Zed or Comp Card is a business card used by models or actors to show their look. A typical design often includes one side that displays the model's best headshot, name, and phone number while the reverse side shows a few more photos in different styles along with measurements.

When working with Orlando Comp Cards, you get the design of your cards free with your photo shoot. You can simply use that to send a PDF file to agencies of your choice, but many of them will require printed cards to have on file. If you know where, you can print your cards on your own, but with our experience and proven quality print shops, we can take care of your Comp Card printing and Head Shot printing for you.

With Orlando Comp Cards you select the images for the Comp Card, submit your stats, and we create the design. Once you review your cards, we submit your approved file to a print shop that processes your order and you will get your cards in the mail usualy within 5 business days. We use professional printers which print on premium paper in full color. Our pricing is very competitive – you can compare our prices with the well-known glamphotoservices.com.

Please contact us to have your cards printed with Orlando Comp Cards.

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