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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the photo shoot in studio or on location?
How many looks will we shoot?
What should I bring for a comp card and headshot session?
How should I prepare?
Do I need a makeup artist or hair stylist?
Will I see all the images you take and when?
Will I receive all images on CD?
What do I have to take care of?
Do I have to bring my own clothes?
Can we shoot at a location of my own choice?
What time does a session generally starts?
Can you submit my photos to modeling agencies?
Should I send my own photos to an agency or should I send the professional photos you provide?
Should I approach only one agency?
What is a Video Comp Card?
Do you require a deposit?
How do I make the final payment?
What if I need to cancel?
Are you available for consultation before the session?
What is your experience?